Online Branding Tips for Startups

Every business owner wants to promote and build up his/her brand. It may be quite challenging for the startups to market their brand and make it noticeable in the crowded marketplace. When someone starts his/her company, there are a lot of things to handle; you have to manage everything wisely and have to maintain your budget quite well. If you keep on spending your time in building up your company without making it noticeable in the market, then how will your business grow if nobody is aware of its existence?

So, branding up your business is crucial in addition to building it well.

You can even make your brand noticeable in the market without a huge budget. So, here we have Online Branding Tips for Startups.

Do follow them for a healthy and productive business.

Research your brand name

Invest time and energy in naming your brand. Once, you choose a name, do a little research and make sure that no other company of the same brand name exists.  The wrong choice of brand name leads to failure despite the fact that company serves great products. Then, make sure that the name and logo are available for use and registration purposes. When everything was chosen well, get your brand registered from Trade Mark office. Next step is to get the domain name registered for your website.

Design a catchy logo

Your logo should be identifiable and unique. It should not resemble any other brand’s logo. An important thing to keep in mind while getting your logo designed is, it should be eye-catching.

Be consistent

Your identity should be consistent on all the platform. You should use same brand name whether online or offline.

Define Your Strategy

In today’s world, no business can survive without digital marketing or branding.

Think of best ways to reach your potential customers, through which social media sites you can reach them, which keywords will they be searching to find your services, which questions they might have in mind related to your services/products, who are the giants in your niche?

By answering these questions and brainstorming the ideas, you can form a sound digital strategy for your business.

Get a website

Start with content planning for your website, make sure you add the keywords in your content and address all the main concerns your potential clients might have. Get your website built for your company and make sure that it works and always keep your websites updated.

Check the page speed and compress the large images. Keep on adding the latest products or your services. Mention your contact details on the website and the design of the website should be unique and professional. Finalize the design by keeping user experience in mind.

Get yourself on Google

When people try to reach a brand, they search on Google. You need to consider the keywords people find in searching you and your website should be among top result so that people reach you directly without any hurdles. For this, you can use two services, SEO & SEM.

SEO refers to search engine optimization and helps you get organic rankings in Google or other search engines. SEM is paid marketing and involves setting up and managing AdWords and Bing Ads.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the best and fastest way of branding your business. Social media is invaluable for the startups.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and now Instagram, are the most popular social media networks. All of these social media platforms have their kind of audience and response. On Facebook, customers are attracted to visual things like Pictures and Videos. On Twitter, some potential customers respond well to blogs links or other articles. On Tumblr, we mostly find youngsters who love sharing an inspirational quote and funny pictures. Each of these platforms, work quite differently, the way audience digests your content.

You can start with a content calendar that must define your online marketing strategy. For post scheduling and post on best time, you can use tools like buffer, Commun.It, Crowd Fire App and many more are available for this purpose.

Best social media marketing technique is to influence the influencer. Connect with people who are already under the influence.

Create a Blog

Create a blog for your brand. Describe all your services or products in detail. The blog should be catchy and informative, and it should provide value to your audience.

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