Responsive & Moble Website

Having a responsive website is a must today. The immense majority of website visitors today go through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Anyone who has a website should also make sure that it has a responsive design so that it is suitable for all types of visitors. Responsive design means the site adapts to the type of screen it is displayed on. This may involve, for example, this is something that Google really looks at today and responsive websites are rewarded in their search results. UAE has highest smart phone penetration in the world i.e. 82% to 64% people in UAE are accessing internet via Mobile Phone or Tablet.


You are loosing business because:

  • Your website is not compatible with all mobile prototypes
  • Potential buyer cannot surf website comfortably
  • Your website is distorted when someone opens in different browser of mobile
  • Your website speed is very slow on Mobile

Pick One of the two options : Responsive and Mobile

Response Websites
Easy to maintain with single Admin
Change effects the entire site(Responsive and Desktop view)
Only 1 site is created ( to fit itself
Build to adjust as per the device sizeMore work to be done as developer needs to consider different layouts(screen size) and build accordingly
All desktop features are included by default => More scrolling
For Google : No redirection & canonical tags required
Recommended when you redesign website
Mobile Website Websites
Dedicated to Mobile Device only with separate admin
Changes made here are limited to mobile website only
2 sites are created ( & )
Can be built as a dedicated mobile website. Concentrating more on user interface (Avoiding unnecessary desktop features)
Less coding => Quick Load
Minimal Scrolling
For Google : Proper 301 redirections required, canonical tags are also required.
Recommended when you wish to develop dedicated we site for mobile device

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