Website Re-Designing

Once you've decided to give your website, meaning your online business, a whole new look by redesigning and upgrading it, there are a few basic principles you should consider when seeking to achieve your business objectives.
Most websites do not have a clear content strategy or persuasive marketing message. The purpose of a website design is to uphold and market your message, not to simply be a pretty picture. When you choose to work with OforoTech on your site’s redesign project, we will ensure that you get a website that is effective and that will support you in accomplishing your online business marketing goals.

website redesign

Why you would Need Website Re-designing:

  • Its Outdated, runs flash and does not work on mobiles
  • Your search engine ranks are low
  • Your visitors does not stick around rather are not converting
  • Its too slow – takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • Your brand has outgrown
  • You have changed your brand message
  • Missing out on easy content updates

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